“I want you to tell people more about your writing in this post,” she said. “Let’s start with your past publications.

“You mean ‘If It Wasn’t For that dog?’” I asked.

“Yes, that, but first go back further. Tell me about Going for Growth.41n5WqmZSuL._SX280_BO1,204,203,200_[1]

“Oh, you mean the business books. Well, when I was writing as Michael Lawson back in the last century I had two books published. Those were the days before the Internet when men were men and publishers put notches on their gun handles.”

“For the number of books they’d printed you mean?” she asked.

“Nah, it was to boast about the number of expensive grouse shoots they’d been invited to,” I said.

“Enough, she said with that look beginning to come over her face again. “What else?”

“Next came How to Make More ProfitIMG_3564,” I said.

“Did it?” she asked.

“Not really I said. The publisher priced it too high and it didn’t sell.”

“Not too many notches there then.” I shuffled in my seat and looked embarrassed. One should never blame one’s publisher for the failure of one’s book to sell well.

“Then came the creative stuff,” I said moving on quickly.”

“Ahh, yes, far more important,” she said. “Tell me more.”

“Well, in the millennium year I turned to creative writing.”

“By which you mean what?” she asked.

“Well, firstly, a book about my hearing dog Matt.”

If It Wasn’t For That Dog? she asked.MichaelForester-IfItWasntForThatDog2[1]

“Absolutely,” I said. You can see more about this on the book page of this web site. It tells about our first year together and how having him revolutionised my life.”

“Sounds very interesting,” she said.

“People were very complimentary with the feedback on Amazon,” I said. “Every reviewer gave it 5 stars. Look:”


“And after that?” she asked.

“Short fiction, poetry and novels,” I answered.

“We’ve talked about ‘Vicious’ already, she said.” https://literaryconsultancy.co.uk/showcase/michael-forester/


“What else?”

“There’s a sequel to Vicious called Daughter of Man,” I said. “It’s awaiting publication too. And a final volume of the trilogy I’m writing now.”

“And other writing?” she asked.Michael Forester - Brief Candles, Walking Shadows

“I’m expecting to publish a book of short stories next year, Brief Candles, Walking Shadows, with volumes to follow of poetry and mind body spirit writing.”


“How about a sneak preview?” She asked.

“Isn’t that a bit like opening Christmas presents before Christmas day?” I replied.

“You do that every year anyway.” she answered. “I’ve watched you from the top of the Christmas tree.”

I eyed her suspiciously. That’s the last time I’m putting a blog fairy on the top of my Christmas tree. I went off to select a sample from Brief Candles, Walking Shadows for my next post.


2012-12-09 17.01.02


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