Last night we signed the death certificate of our marriage.

Cause of death: Emotional abuse.

The patient had been sick for quite some time.

The passing was not easy.

From time to time

we drew unreasonable hope from numerous short lived remissions,

though in our hearts we knew the condition inoperable.

Soon we shall announce to acquaintances and relatives of the dear departed,

the untimely demise of our oldest friend.

We shall place within the personal columns of the local press

our last farewells to one we have long loved, and shall promise never, ever to forget.

This promise we shall keep


we are distracted

by more important matters

like pay cheques

or poems or tonight’s episode of Star Trek.

To the funeral

we shall invite

all who loved our former friend.

And they will eulogise;

and sympathise;

and patronise the widow and the widower.

And when the words have all been spoke

And when the tears have all been cried

And when the wake is gone and done

we two shall stand,

and reach out across the open grave.
Without a word,

in unison,

and choreographed precision,

that elegant, unconscious coordination born of twenty nine years of partnership,

we shall stoop to clutch at handfuls of soil

casting them down upon the coffin lid,

sadly shaking our heads

at the death of immortality.

Then shall we turn,

each to our own way,

to gorge ourselves on hopes and dreams;

ethereal, insubstantial mirages of happiness.


much, much later,

we will think upon this day when we chose to walk away.

And only then will we realise

that the dear departed lay,

heart faintly beating,




for help;

finally to expire

in a dark and lonely grave

while we covered

our ears in stubbornness


  1. Sharmellane Montessori Ramos

    The poem manifests a philosophical rhetoric representation of personification symbolized by the following:
    1. Emphasis on the value of marriage and exemplifies its strengths and weaknesses.
    2. It expresses justification of what is just, prim and proper under specific conditional circumstances while weighing significant consideration relevant to both sides.
    3. The gravity of senses- so that the idea of the author penetrates the hearts and minds of the readers for the purpose of influence, prominence and lifetime imprint.

  2. Everything has its end
    Even the love , the two of you lend
    Years of togetherness expires
    Ends the forever you aspire

    Hope friendship finds you
    Even if love chose to leave you.

  3. A heart-felt poem! This proves poetry really conveys one’s thoughts and emotions particularly when he is in the saddest moment of his life. Their dying love is similar to losing someone who has been a part of life. It is very painful. Words are striking and are full of emotions you can truly feel. A must-read for everyone.

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