Christmas Day 3.57pm


Marylebone Station is looking post-apocalyptic. No one around; the wind whipping sheets of newspaper and drink cartons in and out of the corners. Even the junkies and the winos are sleeping somewhere better than this. I can hardly blame them, with the snow falling steadily since before noon. God only knows how I’ve found myself back here again.

Actually, to be honest, I know how this has happened. I can trace it back through every move I made, every step I took. I can’t blame fate. IT’s not just down to the throw of the dice or the way the cards were stacked.  I just hate to facing up to my own stupidity.

It goes back to when Marcy and I landed here at the same time. Back when we were just getting started in the game.  I suppose you could say I’m here to re-live old memories. And yes, that pathetic part of me that still believes in miracles even hoped she might be here. Ha bloody Ha.

Everyone else knows, so you might as well too. I’m just out of jail. I did good in property. No crime in that. Everyone’s doing the same. OK, I cut a few corners but I only did the same things that everyone did back then. And when I got put away, well that was the end of the game for me. I did the crime so I did the time. All I could do was sit back and watch in horror while everyone else made money when I couldn’t. Marcy’s brother Jamie’s done good too. Built up holdings in the privatised utilities I hear. Power companies are a licence to print money if you ask me. Even Marcy herself has done well. She started with that silver sports car of hers and nothing else. Now they tell me she’s got a house on Park Lane.

But who am I kidding. Even if I could get to her, she’s changed while I’ve been inside. Hardened. She’d laugh in my face now.

My next move is to see my probation officer down in Bow Street. I’m almost bankrupt. The game’s almost over for me.

So next throw I’ll try to land on Jamie’s hotel on Coventry Street. Then I can go make the tea while Marcy and Jamie slug it out for first place. I hate playing Monopoly at Christmas anyway.


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