This is the obituary

Of Genghis, my beloved flea

A member of my family

Whose passing was calamity.     


Now Genghis hatched a tiny flea

As little as the eye could see

but nonetheless would grow to be

A special flea, a prodigy.

He grew into maturity

Comporting with alacrity.

Possessing perspicacity,

He very soon was said to be

A flea of notoriety.


He went to university

to study Greek philosophy

and, noted for sagacity,

did supplicate for PhD.

He lived his life with energy,

Detested mediocrity,

Achieved his dreams financially,

Then grew to love philanthropy.


But swiftly came calamity.

When flying at velocity

In failing visibility

He ran into an apple tree

And smashed his nasal cavity.

We rushed him down to casualty

The surgeons battled valiantly

But sadly it was not to be,

For God had set his spirit free.


We took him to the cemetery

His death was such a travesty.

There was no call for autopsy

As cause of death was clear to see:




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