The Fly with the Sty in His Eye

I once did espy

From the side of my eye

A little black fly

As he flew through the sky

And that poor little fly

Had a sty in his eye.


“Would you like me to try,”

I said to the fly,

“To put balm on that sty

At the edge of your eye?


Then retorted the fly,

“Oh my goodness, oh my!

You would have to apply

your salve to my eye

As I fly through the sky.”


I said to the fly,

“I will try to comply,”

But he did not reply

From high up in the sky.


Now, I tell you no lie:

That fly did imply

That he could not rely

On the skill I’d apply

To the sty in his eye,

And thus did defy

My attempts to apply

Some relief to his eye

Up there in the sky.


Then I thought to belie

The fear of the fly

And have one last try

At relieving his eye.

So I caught the black fly

As he flew through the sky

And proceeded to apply

Antiseptic to his eye.


And the poor fly discovered, to his great disappointment

That this was the story of the fly in the ointment.






  1. As i was reading the poem The Fly with the Sty in the eye” i was like “awww” after you’re trying to be a hero for a little creature. You’re trying save his life for the sake of flying again for the second time. I was exactly turning to be literal in understanding this poem. I was visualizing literal scene of you talking and saving the life of the fly to ease the pain that he has been through. I was just amazed that because of your curiousity, you turned out to be a hero at the same time. It was a cute story specially when you are starting to visualize and imagine the scene based on my own understanding.

  2. I was touched upon reading this poem, “The Fly With The Sty In The Eye” Although I find it very literal when I first read it, it also gave me a deeper meaning. A message that tells me that we should not hesitate to offer help and assistance to those in need. We should not belittle those people who are below us instead we must help them to be better. Just like the fly that flew after being healed, these people that we helped on times of distress can also stand and be on their own. Please do continue doing poems like this for it inspires students like me.

  3. This poem was really great. I love the way you did the rhyming, but what I love the most with this poem is the message itself. The idea you gave when you help the fly for him to be able to fly again touches my heart. The time I was reading your poem, I am visualizing a scene where in I am helping a beggar by simply giving him a food, not knowing that I am already lifting his life. This poem is a stepping stone for everyone. Please do continue writing, you are a great inspiration for us.

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