Have you ever thought how posh is

The gnat in his galoshes?

Then remember how much dosh is

represented when he sloshes

Through the snow.

And consider how much tosh is

Often spoken of galoshes

when the gnat sits down and noshes

and when he –  but oh my gosh! Is

that the time? Then I must go!

  1. Josephine S. Malacad

    It’s amazing how one can draw inspiration in writing through the simple things around him, even those that are considered as toshes by some. I think that is one of the best things a writer could reward himself, to write in a manner that he loves and likes without thinking about the prejudices of the people around him. The freedom of allowing himself to bleed the words that are inside of him. The art of making beautiful lines out of ordinary materials by using the lens of creativity and imagination. Thank you sir for your poem is an evidence that these are possible. -Josephine

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