I don’t really pay much attention to dreams.

To someone like me the world is as it seems.

But what I dreamed last night – it caused me to wake,

left me soaking in sweat, made my whole body shake.

I was walking through fog in a dark wooded dell

and a clear and safe path was beyond me to tell,

til I had the idea that I’d stand on a log

And I hoped that with luck I’d see over the fog.

My head rose through the mist – and indeed, I could see –

a large group of folk sitting under a tree.

“Why stand there alone?” a voice called from that place.

“We see anguish like ours inscribed on your face.

We all sit here weeping in sadness and grief,

for intolerable burdens that find no relief.”

So I sat down and joined them – I clearly could see

That my place was there with them, right under that tree.

One poured out a tale of pain and of fears,

of hopes that had faded and waned with the years.

He spoke of regret, opportunities lost;

And the wealth he’d pursued at immeasurable cost.

He’d devoted his life to making a buck

til he ran out of chances and ran out of luck.

And he mused on his gains in great happiness won,

his ambition fulfilled til ambition was done.

But ambition’s a whore who is silent and cold

deserting her lovers when lovers grow old.

To one side stood a woman, alone and aloof

who had held good intentions way back in her youth,

But intentions grow brittle and harden with years

And choke like new flowers on distractions and fears.

She’d hungered for love, whatever that meant,

and considered each lover to be heaven sent.

But they rose up in sequence and each fled away

though she tried to cling on in the hope that they’d stay,

til one stayed a lifetime in sullen disdain

and she finally realised the loss in her gain.

A third called to angels and looked to the sky.

And the cry of his heart was repeatedly ‘Why?’

“My wife died in childbirth. My son died at war.

My daughter left home – we don’t speak any more.”

He haemorrhaged anguish that poured out like rain

and I feared that his sadness would drive him insane.

He looked up to Heaven, exuding his grief

and appealed to his maker to give him relief:

“Why does it hurt so? Why is it so hard?

And why do you treat me with such disregard?”

But the sky deluged silence, the wind blew so cold.

He felt empty and lonely and terribly old.

A fourth wept for sadness, and cried out in pain,

For the ending of sunshine, the coming of rain.

He cried in frustration, sweat blood from his brow

“Why for this was I chosen? Why is the time now?”

He wept in his sadness, again and again

for intolerable sorrow on missing a train.

He wept for his anger and wept for his hate

for immovable rocks, irresistible fate

and wept most for the knowledge that now was too late

for the paying of debt and the wiping of slate.

The fifth was a writer, a poet no less

And I saw that she too was beset by distress.

For she wept for eternity bound up in time

and wept for the poems she could not make rhyme,

incarnations she’d lived and more lives to come,

incantations un-chanted, and prizes un-won,

for lovers deserted and parting of ways

the burdens of youth and the Ancient of Days

for her words left unspoken, her works left half done

and I realised her grieving had barely begun.

As the long day wore on and the tears poured on down

I, too, joined in weeping. A man of renown,

I’d pursued adulation and fortune and yet

was beset by the knowledge of callings unmet.

So I cried to the moon and the stars and the sun

opportunities past, with no more to come.

I wept for the living and wept for the dead

And wept that I could be so easily led.

So I wept and I wept til I ran out of tears,

til at last in that place a voice came to my ears.

An angel called gently, a smile on his face

and he bade me sit down in a less crowded place.

And he said ‘look before you, say what can you see?’

And finally, then, I stopped looking at me.

My attention went outward, away from myself

until slowly I realised that in this lay health.

And I looked straight ahead with eyes that were clear

And decided to look despite all my fear.

And there stood before me, transcending the years,

the woman who washed the Christ’s feet with her tears.

If any knew weeping, then this was the one

and the end of her story was mine, just begun.

To that woman I said, “Let your story be told,”

and she smiled as she gave me her secret to hold.

She then asked me to promise to share it abroad

and shout from the heavens this ultimate word.

So this I share with you as wretched you feel

and honestly wonder if it can be real.

Please take my word for it – I’ve known from my youth

This powerful secret, this momentous truth.

And thus by this secret our friendship I’ll seal.

For the secret is simple. It is that tears heal.

Michael Forester

The Forest


  1. First of all, I salute you Mr. Michael Forester for inspiring us. Dreams can be happen in real life. It also serves as our eye opener for the truth in reality. The weeping tree, a poem of enlightenment, helped me realized that no matter what life has put me through, there are still people who are facing bigger problems and there is always a way to resolve these problems. It is all about believing that there is still hope and facing your own fears will help you conquer and surpass these dilemmas.

  2. Jovielyn B. Balbuena

    It’s not too late to reach for your dreams. There might a lot of obstacles you will encounter but the most important is that you stand up from falling. Make your life the most out of it. Don’t let yourself to be surrounded by burdens such fears. Try your best so that in the end you won’t be regret. Don’t be carried away with the pain you are going through. There are a lot of opportunities. Chances are everywhere. It’s just that we have our own different lucks. As long as you live, hopes will not fade. There are things that are unexpected that comes your way in Gods ‘perfect time. We cannot escape from the reality that once in our life we weep but we should bear in mind that God is always there even in our ups and downs. His loving hand will reach us to take us to his heaven.

  3. The poetry is so inspiring, and I learned a lot from it. In a situation where when a person is down, thinking to give up and can’t even manage to stand up alone, as long as we believe and have a strong faith in the Lord, everything will be alright. Indeed, i can surely surpass the problem i’m facing. He is always there to guide us and listen up to our murmurs. Just look into the good side of life and don’t let our fear make us down or dumb. Thank you Mr. Michael Forester for the inspiring poetry, just continue inspiring a lot people through your writing works. God bless 🙂

  4. The poem “The Weeping Tree” left me a great impact. It made me realize how different people suffer pain and sorrow. For me the Tree represents our cruel world in which people suffer grief, sadness, frustrations and anger. They are seeking for its relief but it is so hard to find. But there is always a reason to make things better, just believe that something can be done to ease the pain and suffering. Don’t give up and keep fighting.

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