Publication5There has been so much goodness and light in my day and in this current lifetime.

I want to thank you all who have been a part of it, the named and the nameless, the seen the unseen and the sometimes seen. You have made, do make, and will make my experience in this body what it is and all it should be. To those who see my light and those who think it dark, those who hear my silent drummers and those who have yet to wake to the music of the spheres, those that know who I am and who they are themselves, those who learn better without that conscious knowledge than hampered with it, those whose sight is in blindness and those yet blinded by the light, those who hear in silence and those who silence the roar of flesh bound ears, those who have made themselves known and those who walk beside me yet unknown, those who hold my hands and those who hold my heart, my soul mate unincarnate, my dearest friends incarnate, those who have loved my body and those my soul has loved with a love beyond the eros and unto the agape, those who know the logos and those whose are the word made flesh.

In the final hour of my 60th year I acknowledge and honour each and every one of you that knows and that does not know, the way of being in the world where the teachers teach without teaching and the learners learn without learning,

As my teachers and contractors I revere honour and pay homage to you.

To you all from


born of the house of Jacob, raised as a son of the Law and now by choice and by final calling, a simple Forester


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