The Well Meaning


We had other things we shared:

a conspiratorial eye;

the fantasised axioms of unassailable certainty.


The world’s an easy place to change,

when fettered only by caution,

embalmed in an all too comfortable sufficiency.


So we took no prisoners;

slaughtered the guileless shibboleths of the acquiescent,

left our boot prints in the black blood of disembowelled hope.


A better future?

Perhaps we once believed it might be so.


Staking the family silver on a plethora of book-learned arrogance

we laced our statutory instruments with the hemlock of well-intentioned ignorance.


And while we mistook hysteria for fervent followership

the wind whipped up the death rattles of a hundred thousand might-have-beens.



Michael Forester


October 2012

  1. I enjoyed reading your “The Well Meaning” although, my interpretation would entirely be reader-response for now. I know, I will need to have a second reading to really fully understand the depths of your thoughts and the meaning of this piece. The philosophy or the approach is yet also to be deciphered. Kudos to you!

  2. Mel Erika N. Del Mundo

    I guess it’s a moral obligation for poets to tell the tale of those soldiers who died in wars. To narrate the stories of the fallen because they can’t do it by themselves when they’re six feet underground. I feel pain for the families of the soldiers who are sent to war and are not sure if their beloved will come back alive. Maybe I’m too young to understand but one thing I know is that war brings countless deaths and heartbreaks.

  3. While reading this superb poem, I remembered how hard the life of our soldiers in the army who put their lives in jeopardy just to serve the world. I feel crestfallen because of what is happening now in our world. Some of the victims in wars are the innocents who wish to have a peaceful country. I know all of them fight to show us their desire to do something better in our world but unfortunately not all the times they yield good results. But still, I have faith in God that he will never neglect us and he will save us from our bleak yesterday. All we have to do is pray and pray because we deserve a new and peaceful world. No war, just love!

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