Come Christians and Muslims wherever you are

And gather together, connect from afar

Abandon your weapons and follow your Star

If Humanity yet is worth saving

Then lay down your arms in the graves you have dug

For the times, they should be a-changing.


Come presidents, ministers, take some advice

Acknowledge you’re sailing straight into the ice

And the world you leave freezing is paying the price

While the deckchairs you’re just rearranging

So turn the ship round or you’ll run it aground

For the times, they should be a-changing.


Come crystal ball gazers who forecast ahead

That bright rosy future you’ve surely misread

For the hands of your leaders are dripping with red

With the fingers on triggers unchanging

You draw lines in the sand cos you don’t understand

that the times they should be a-changing.


Come bold aviators who never leave home

Who live by the sword and who kill by the drone

You’ll never forget napalm burns to the bone

For the screams of the children you’re causing

Could be your babes in arms in your own towns and farms

And the times, they should be a-changing.


The Syrian children are dropping down dead

Somalian children are begging for bread

While the war you should win is the one in your head

Your insanity surely is raging

When the screams that you hear come from those you hold dear

And the times they should be a-changing


Americans, Russians and British and French

How long can you choose to remain on the fence?

The children are burning – you must smell the stench

And they drown in the cash you’re exchanging

You can’t buy back your soul with a bigger bankroll

While the times, they should be a-changing.


So mount your parades and take your salutes

From the turning of heads and the stamping of boots

While you sit on thrones like so many Canutes

As the waves that engulf you are raging

See that victory roll? It’s infected your soul

For the times they are a-changing.


We’re tired of your killing for profit and gain

We’re so sick and so weary we’re starting again

For Your merciless killing has rotted your brains

And we’ve no place for madmen’s flag waving

So get down and repent for the word heaven sent

Is your heart it should be a-changing.




(c) Michael Forester

With profound gratitude to Bob Dylan


  1. The relevance is striking and heart pounding! My heart goes to every line of the poem. I sincerely hope that this literary endeavor will be a successful catalyst of change. Congratulations Mr. Forester! More literary inspirations to come…^_^

  2. Changed. The only permanent thing in this world. But changed for what? For good? Or for bad? Unfortunately, the latter is more obvious and an easier way to do in this wicked world.
    Innocent lives were taken because of merciless killings of vain leaders. In their minds, humanity is dead and the only important thing is to have power and control over other nations.
    And the poem “In times there should be a changing contains a message that would really trouble those who have a pure heart and pity for their fellow citizens. After reading it, I promised to myself that in my own little ways, I will help my countrymen to save and bring back the humanity that’s long lost and forgotten.
    I hope the poem will touch every heart it will reach and awaken the sleeping, rotten minds of vain leaders of some nations.


  3. from Tangente, Harieth Claire

    First, I want to salute the brilliant mind of the author of the poem “In times there should be a changing.” The simplicity of the words used in this literary piece afloated its real essence
    To restore the humanity and cure the ill-rotten minds of those are in the position to promote world peace.

    May the author continue to write and share extra ordinary literary pieces that inspire people around the world to create world peace.

  4. Stop the senseless dispute that causes death and sufferings to civilians. For me that is the message of the poem. While I was reading, I remember Omran Daqneesh, a 5 year old boy who survived the bombing in Aleppo, Syria. Omran lost his brother and sister. My heart breaks when I watched the video on how rescuers rescued him. His body was full of dust and he had blood on his head but he never cried. There’s no emotions in his face. I asked myself, what if I am in his position? Maybe I’ll die. We should not wait to have more Omran to suffer because of selfishness and unfounded principles. The world needs a change but it should starts in ourselves.

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