A black man lies a-bleeding and he’d better not be dead

For carrying a book the cops have shot him in the head

And a people rise in anger for the fear that lies ahead

That terror marches on

Mine eyes have seen that terror of the fire in their eyes

That for nothing more than colour they my brothers yet despise

We are praying for a future where they come to realise

That death cannot march on

A country known for freedom has receded into sin

Where Americans are murdered for the colour of their skin

And the reconciliation that we need cannot begin

Til truth is marching on

From Montgomery to Charlotte was a devastating road

And it happens when authorities take murder for their code

That to live without compassion as experience has showed

Brings Terror marching on

For pseudo integration we have bled our hearts away

Yet emerging from the darkness we still seek the light of day

Where the tears once shed in bitterness wash hatred clean away

Til Truth is marching on

The Dream conceived in Birmingham became a burning light

And a people bound to righteousness will shine on through this night

For they’re groaning in their anger as they pray with all their might

That Truth will yet march on.

See! Above the sun is rising and it’s lightening the skies

Our veracity will rise above cacophonies of lies

For the day will come when white men cease their brothers to despise

And Truth will yet march on

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

Glory, Glory Hallelujah

Glory, Glory Hallelujah

The Truth is marching on

  1. Yes, the truth will always out, no matter what…

    Fear not…

    Let us not be weary in doing good…

    For the truth shall set us free…

  2. This predicament occurs around the globe even in Asian countries.
    Yes! The truth shall march on even if the truth that must be prevailed is the truth that leads them to death.
    They are the heroes in the end.

  3. One of my favorite poems so far. The other two are Taking Refuge and The Times They Should Be a Changing. What I really like about these poems is how they’re able to touch my heart. Especially the part of my heart that aches when I hear about violence committed against innocent people especially children in every part of the world. I should be honest with you. Taking Refuge was the first poem that made my heart swell with pain. Then came “The Times they should be A Changing”. I cannot forget the news about a bloodied child who witnessed so much terror in his very young age. He was emotionless but behind that mask, I know that child is very broken. I guess it is defense mechanism of the mind to shut emotions when they’re too much to handle. And this poem reminds me that there is still hope no matter what as long as there are people who fight for what is right. I am sorry for this too long a comment but it’s what I wanted to say right now. And I also wanted to say thank you for bringing up this issues through your poetry even if you make me cry. These tears will always be a reminder of appreciation of your work. As long as someone is crying and takes action whenever he reads this kind of poems, it means that your efforts to wake humanity’s compassion for others is there. Thank you very much and God bless 🙂

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