I am delighted to announce my forthcoming book signing and speaking tour of the Philippines, 16th February to 7th March 2017.

At the invitation of The University of Makati Circle of Professional Educators and Dr Janet Pascual, I have been requested to deliver keynote speeches to the International Convention on Outcome Based Education on 25th to 26th February 2017. I am also invited to read and address the tutors and students of Makati University as well as a further eight universities in Manilla and around The Philippines during my visit. During week commencing 27th February, University of Makati will also be holding an ‘English Week,’ with the theme, ‘Celebrating Michael Forester’s Voice Through Language and Literature’ I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Dr Pascual and colleagues for this honour and marvellous opportunity to share my work.

Michael Forester

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