Gonna send an invitation out to every goddam nation.

Come on guys, we’re gonna to have a bash.

400,000’s quite a number – hit ‘em while they sleep and slumber.

Come on guys, we’re gonna have a bash.

We’ve come to play! There ain’t no rules here, we’re just into burning schools here.

Come on folks, we’re havin’ such a bash.

Pour that acid down their britches – that’ll get ‘em all in stitches!

Come on guys, an’ help us have this bash.

Hi there Vlad, there’s no disputin’ – Sunni kids was born for shootin.’

Glad to have you here at Bashar’s bash.

Kill their sons and rape their daughters – Shiite kids was made for slaughter.

We’re so glad you’re here at Bashar’s bash.

Help unpack this Sarin shell – it’s gonna blow ‘em all to Hell

And Bashar’s bash is gonna be a gas.

The UN’s too preoccupied to waste its time on genocide

And intervene down here at Bashar’s bash.

If they ask you, keep it vague – they’ll never get you to The Hague.

So come on guys an’ join in Bashar’s bash.

Donny’s missiles just stopped crusin’ – let’s get back to more abusin.’

Come on folks, we’ll all join in the bash.

This’ll get the Saudi’s coinin’ – then perhaps the Brits May join in.

Come on guys, there’s money in this bash.

And if the outcome’s still unclear we’ll turn it thermonuclear

Cos no one’s had a bash like Bashar’s bash.

So look upon the devastation implicating every nation –

All are partying at Bashar’s bash.

And everyone can clearly see there’s no responsibility

If things turn bad here down at Bashar’s bash.

Cos out here on the desert sands we’ll call for bowls to wash our hands –

Hold no one to account for Bashar’s bash.

Come all and warm your vanity on the bonfire of God’s sanity.

In Allah’s name we undertake this bash.

© Michael Forester

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