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Thank you Sara, for bring this book to our attention. and thank you Jay Asher for bringing this issue to our attention

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Sara writes:

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Id love to know what you thought of the book which is why I haven`t said much so carry the discussion in the comments below!

I was a sufferer of bullying and I think the message  of 13 Reasons Why is so important- “Everything affects everything.” People need to better understand how hurtful what they’re saying is. I didn’t think it would get any better but thankfully it did and I never got to the stage Hannah did of considering to take my own life or actually doing it. However, so many teens and even adults do end up in the same mindset as Hannah and I`m glad 13 Reasons Why tackles that. I think I was drawn to this book because I knew it wasn’t going to wash over the subject like so many others do. Jay Asher I thank you for doing what so many others couldn’t. I never thought I`d be able to talk about being bullied until I read this book and watched the show. I think 13 really addresses real life issues faced by teens everyday and I spoke about this in my book review and TV review.  The character of Hannah for me represented a lot of teens and how they are feeling and Jay Asher made sure he spoke for a majority of people and victims. Society generally views a lot of the issues Asher addresses as taboo subjects when in fact they need to be talked about more and dealt with more effectively.

This book mainly focuses on 2 characters- Clay and Hannah. Hannah`s voice is heard through a series of tapes and Clay comments on each respective tape and gives his own accounts on some of the events mentioned in the tapes. Other characters include Tony who is keeping a second set of Hannah`s tapes as she requested and often follows the tapes receiver at the time. Tony also supports Clay as he here`s the reason he is on the tapes. A few other characters have appearances but mostly only feature if on the tapes which differs from the Netflix show where they have bigger roles. The ending is also slightly different and doesn’t leave as much room for a sequel as the show does.

I really enjoyed the book and if you haven`t read it and enjoyed the show I definitely suggest it. However, the pace and overall flow of the book is a little slower than the show and may be a little more confusing to follow but that doesn’t take away from the overall reading experience.


I would like to point out  some of the moments that change in the show.

  • In the show the order of how the recipients receive the tapes changes slightly however not much is affected by this in terms of plot as Clay doesn’t speak to the people on the tapes with the exception of Marcus.
  • In the book Clay passes the tape of to a characters who is essentially the Cherry character but has a different name. Before passing on the tapes he doesn’t leave a 14th tape as far as we know and he doesn’t speak to the guidance councillor who is on the final tape.
  • Hannah`s parents aren`t as involved with the plot of the book so I was more emotionally dedicated to the TV show as we got to see the full affect of suicide on all the people involved in Hannah`s life.

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