I am delighted to confirm details of my second Asian tour, 21st February – 19th March 2018. Travelling as a guest of the University Circle of Professional Educators (UCPE), the programme starts with two back-to-back conferences in Siem Reap and Bangkok, where I will be delivering keynote and plenary speeches on ‘Do Androids Dream’ (the impact and management of technology in the educational process) and ‘The Machine Stops’ (an exploration of the common ground between creativity and technology). From Bangkok we will travel on to The Philippines, for a multi-location three week tour delivering the ‘A Journey To The Land of Risk’ presentation that was so well received last year, and the all-new ‘The Story that Changes Your Future’ (an interactive discourse of how we can use the power of story telling and belief to change our lives).


I am hugely looking forward to renewing old friendships and forging new ones in the Philippines, together with meeting new friends in Cambodia and Thailand. Once again I am indebted to Professor Janet Pasqual, Chair of the UCPE and her team for making this visit possible. Full tour details available from Tenaj Lauqsal on Facebook.



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