Michael Forester - author“There is one journey. We commence it the moment we enter the world, and complete it the moment we leave. Its purpose is to learn, to love and to grow.” So starts Michael Forester’s latest book, One Journey: A Travelogue of Awakening.

Michael is 62 years old. He lives between the southern edge of the New Forest and the sea, with his hearing dog, Matt, for Michael is close to being profoundly deaf. He is a full time author and public speaker, travelling both in the UK and internationally, speaking inspirationally and signing his books for readers in locations as far apart as the UK, Thailand and the Philippines.

On graduating from Oxford University in 1977, Michael first taught economics, before spending over thirty years in the world of business consultancy and management.

In 2015, he made a fundamental change himself, leaving management to concentrate full time on creative writing and public speaking. He is the author of nine published books to date, on subjects as diverse as business strategy, spiritual inspiration and epic fantasy poetry.

Michael’s own journey has taken him from early years in academia into middle years in management consultancy, management training and Neuro Linguistic Programming. It has taken him from normal hearing to near-profound deafness and, in 2004, the life-changing arrival of a hearing dog, Matt.

He has travelled around the planet to over forty countries, from the Amazon Rainforest, encountering ecological devastation, to South Africa, experiencing post-Apartheid forgiveness; from a personal pilgrimage in search of the singing bowls of Nepal, to a first-hand examination of the darker side of economic modernisation in the Philippines, besides many other destinations.