img_6363The Dragon is on the Radio

During December 2016 Michael Forester is interviewed by Alan Coote on the Let’s Talk Business’ programme syndicated on radio stations throughout the UK.

You can listen to the programme here: SoundCloud



Announcing the Goblin Child Blog Tour

The Goblin Child Blog Tour takes place from 5th – 19th December. Join us at the following Tour Stops:

  1. December 5 Spotlight
    Sapphyria’s Book Reviews
  2. December 5 Spotlight
    Books, Dreams, Life
  3. December 6 Spotlight
    Becka Marsch
  4. December 6 Spotlight
    T’s Stuff
  5. December 7 Interview
    Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer
  6. December 7 Spotlight
    Lisa’s Loves (Books of Course)
  7. December 8 Interview
    The Book Junkie Reads
  8. December 9 Spotlight
    Books and Tales
  9. December 9 Spotlight
    Sylv all about books and films
  10. December 12 Spotlight
    The Indigo Quill
  11. December 12 Spotlight
    Lisa’s World of Books
  12. December 13 Guest blog
    Hart’s Romance Pulse
  13. December 14 Spotlight
    The Silver Dagger Scriptorium
  14. December 14 Spotlight
    Ali – The Dragon Slayer
  15.  December 15 Spotlight
    Mello and June, It’s a Book Thang!
  16. December 16 Spotlight
    3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, and Sissy, Too!
  17.  December 16 Interview
    Infinite House of Books
  18. December 19 Guest Post
    Books Direct
  19. December 19 Spotlight
    Just a Little R and R



On 7th October 2016

Teams from Makati University perform dramatised events in a ‘Speech Choir’ competition based on Michael Forester’s Poem ‘The Times They Should Be A-Changing.’

Dr Janet Pasqual, Chair of Makati University’s English & Interdisciplinary Communications Department received a Plaque of Recognition on Michael Forester’s behalf.



Taking Refuge

Taking Refuge