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Rebekah, daughter of Merlin and noblewoman of Albion has been driven to madness by the murder of her lover Vidar. In her torment she bargains with the Prince of Demons to turn her into a dragon. Once transformed, she seeks to take revenge upon her father, Merlin, whom she is fooled into believing is responsible for Vidar’s death.

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nothing but the death of your father
will do


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Rebekah, daughter of Merlin and noblewoman of Albion has been driven to madness by the murder of her lover Vidar. In her torment she bargains with the Prince of Demons to turn her into a dragon. Once transformed, she seeks to take revenge upon her father, Merlin, whom she is fooled into believing is responsible for Vidar’s death.

Behind the subterfuge stands Oberon, Captain-King of Elves, who cannot foresee the devastation his jealousy and unrequited love for Rebekah will unleash upon the world of Gaia. Its salvation depends on the retrieval of the Sleep Stone from the gates of Hell. But if the stone is not returned the demon army will awake and ransack Gia in a war that will destroy its existence. Time is the solution – but only if the gods of Asgard can nd a way of stopping it.

Dragonsong is a unique epic fantasy that explores fundamental themes of good and evil, jealously and revenge. Woven together with a gripping and powerful plot, the pattern of the language, the musicality of the form and the profound emotions invoked carry the reader to extremes of human experience and capability at both its best and worst.

The Story So Far

Rebekah, daughter of Merlin has watched her lover murdered and has been fooled into believing her father ordered his death. She has been transformed into the dragon, Harmony and now seeks her revenge.

Chapter V: Dragon Love


The dragon came to Albion
as morning light did touch the land
and not a sound of dragonsong
escaped her lips as she did stand
upon the soil of Gaia once again.
She stood before Arthurian Court.
The light did her illuminate.
And for her father now she sought
and on this thought did ruminate:
that he his final lesson must be taught.


The sun, it rose into the sky
and mused she, that upon this day
she would, her father, make comply,
and maybe this would take away
the depths of torment that her heart did feel.
For mostly now, and oftentime,
of sanity was she bereft.
Her human thought, it did decline,
and mostly dragon heart was left.
And Merlin’s death that process might now seal.


As sun did make the shadows long
did Harmony, a mighty roar
exude, and thus did dragonsong
resound within the land once more,
and mothers held their children to their breasts.
And those that then did walk abroad
fled to their homes at rapid pace.
And those who had, did take their swords
and hid themselves in safest place,
and put their breast plates close upon their chests.


For all did know the fearful sound
and all were truly terrified.
The dragonsong did now resound
and once again it did abide
in Gaia -and still worse -in Albion.
Then roar-ed Harmony in rage,
“Show me my father, bring him here!
For nothing will my hate assuage
until I see him kneel in fear
and shed his blood for Vidar who is gone.”


But nothing did disturb the sound
of wind that blew between the trees.
No battle cry did there resound.
No army came now, her, to seize.
Only before her rose the blinding sun.
Then with no warning, nor with sound,
did Merlin stand before the Court
and thus did occupy the ground,
the very place that she had sought
to tear him bodily as had been done …


… to Vidar, many decades past
as she now never could forget.
Her memory would ever last
and in her heart was fully set –
however much the dragon nature raged.
Then Merlin gently lifted up
his voice and to his daughter spake,
“My love-child, thou didst surely sup
a bitter drink -thy heart did break
and ever in this pain it is engaged.


Canst thou hear me my precious child?
Or is thy mind deluded so?
And is thy nature now too wild
to take on human form and go
and walk with me and talk with me this day?”
The dragon stood its ground, but thought.
And deep within a tiny sound –
a single word it had been taught
replete with meaning, full profound:
‘Twas “righteousness” – a word she could not say.


Her voice did growl from deep within,
“Why hast thou been the cause of death?
And was my lover lost in sin
that thou should leave me thus bereft
and aching, now, into death’s arms to fly?
And for thee now, no love I have
but hold thee just in deep contempt.
But unto thee my gift I’d give
and then my anger would be spent.
My father: ’tis a perfect day to die.”


He would have told her of his love;
he would have held her close and cried;
he would have raised her high above
her pain, he surely would have tried
his dearest child to keep still by his side.
But he could not reach unto her
for she was wracked with pain inside,
and to his love would not defer
and pain with love – it surely vied.
But pain did win and she did thus abide …


… in dragon form with twisted mind
and thus did rock herself in pain.
And torment her did once more find
and madness came to her again
as from her lips did single sound escape.
“Die” was the only word she spoke
and Merlin answered not a word
nor would his love for her revoke
nor would the truth be ever heard
by her from him as she did seal his fate.


He looked deep into dragon eyes
and sought for sign of ‘Bekah fair.
Her suffering did not despise –
but he could see no human there,
and thus he did accept he’d pay the price.
Though he no evil now had done,
and righteousness, it was his part
unto his limit he had come
and utterly she broke his heart.
So he would make the final sacrifice.


But as she stood, she seemed to doubt
and indecision tore her heart.
Perhaps she would have turned about
and maybe sought a better part –
till Oberon appeared before them both.
He looked into the dragon’s face
and needed not a word to speak.
His presence now within that place
reminded her that she did seek
full recompense and thus it was she quoth …


… “It shall be done.” -no other word
as she to Merlin then did turn.
And from him not a sound was heard
as dragon breath did greatly burn
his body and did char him in a flash.
And as his frame, it there did fall
did Oberon scream in delight –
for he was architect of all
and revelled now that dragon might
had turned his adversary unto ash.


The dragon stood then motionless
and contemplated what she’d done
to him who did her oft caress
and who her life had once begun.
No sense of satisfaction did she get.
Then Oberon remov-ed hence
to Elfin camp, his troops to move.
And with them now would make defence
of Elfin mountains, now to prove
the power of evil e’er the sun did set.


Then all the Elfish troops he took
by pow’r of magic from that place
and when humans then did look
no sign of elves now could they trace.
Then thought they Albion was free at last
from Elfish threat unto their peace.
And there they great rejoicing made
and thought that they had found release,
and Elfish threat they did evade.
But Harmony did stand in pain, aghast.

Published 28th April 2016
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  1. 5 out of 5

    Absolutely beautiful book I loved this book. It is a tale of wizards, demons, dragons, elves, love and treachery set around the Arthurian court but written in rhyme. I have not read any poetic literature for over 40 years since studying Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight at university so this book intrigued me. I am full of admiration for anyone who can write beautiful poetry but when they can also tell a story at the same time I find that quite remarkable. It is about the battle between elves and men, love stories ending tragically and deceit and treachery. I would urge people to read this even if they haven’t read poetry in a long time, I just found it so beautiful and the story will entrance you. The last lines as written by the Scribe are “Or wilt thou, reader, now persuade me once again to take my pen And make another story come to be? All I can say is that I really hope so!

    Dexter, Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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