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Your spiritual journey is unique to you. But it is in mindfulness of the journeys of those who travel with us that we learn more of our own purpose and how we can draw energy and meaning from the challenges and events on our road.

This collection of Spiritual Learnings in prose and poetry form a unique meditation that will support you in exploring your own journey, and the life events, both great and small, that will offer themselves to you as you travel forward.

These meditations will move you to joy; they will move you to tears. They will help you give yourself permission to experience the depth of learning to be found within, to experience fully what you have come into the world to learn and to teach. In so doing, they will support you in discovering the astonishing and profound messages meant for you alone, for Forest Rain truly is your Heart’s Home.

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Forest Rain

I want to touch your soul.

Please understand me. I will not… cannot, offer you polite conversation. We will not talk of the weather we’ve been having, or how mother is with her bunions. I do not want to know of the colour of your carpets or the bulge in your bank account or with which new trinket you have sought to quench the unconscious thirst of your quest. I will have no truck with chaff. Do not walk with me or work with me because you are bored and have nothing better to do. I plan to be too demanding of you for that. Do not give me half your attention. I will touch you deep, or not at all.

I have to touch your soul.

Declaration of Self Worth

Weep and heal, my friend, weep and heal. And, as you weep, anoint me with the tears that wash away your pain, that I, too, may take the healing you pour into your weeping.

We have allowed the leaches to bleed us dry, for fear of losing what we never had.

We have listened until mesmerised by the words that proclaim our inadequacies in the eyes of another. We have screamed in silent agony at the withdrawal of conditional love whose requirements we can no longer satisfy. We have shaken in misery at the prospect of losing love that was not love.

We have been fashioned in the same furnace, you and I. We have held the same pain in our hearts, giving until we can give no more. We have faced the same dark pit of depression and learned slowly and painfully to drag ourselves up its rocky walls. We have emerged from the edge with bleeding hands and knees, but stronger, much stronger in the knowledge that we are survivors.

We have recognised that without unconditional love, there is no life worth clinging to. We have contemplated death in the face of loneliness. We have reached beyond the limits of endurance and known the angels stoop to carry us when we can walk no more. We have sat in silent meditation and confronted lives of transparent emptiness for future decades that we believe we cannot endure.

We have acknowledged our own fault-line cracks, confronted our own weaknesses and declared them to be intrinsic to our humanity. We have asserted our need, our right to be loved for who we are, not for what we give or for how effectively we transform ourselves into that which the object of our love would have us be.

We are resolute: no more will we cut our hands and feet as we dance around the altar of another’s whims in forlorn hope that our Deity will come to ignite the sacrifice. No more will we throw the children of our own undeveloped aspirations into the volcanoes of appeasement to placate the angry gods and goddesses.

We have taken the surgeon’s knife of separation to the cancer of co-dependency in a final act of self-absolution.

We will no longer supplicate with the congregations of the acquiescent that worship in the cathedrals of self-deprecation.

We have determined that NOW, is the time to rise, that NOW, we shall reach for the light, that NOW, we shall claim our birth right in the grace of new intimacy, that NOW, we shall lay hold of the promise of infusing joy.

We are the survivors of love grown cold.

We have learned that we are worthy.

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Published 1st February 2017
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7 reviews for Forest Rain

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rachel R.

    A wonderful read! There’s a lot of life lessons to be learned from the different stories in this book. I would recommend this to anyone who’s on a journey of finding their soul!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    janet pascual

    Forest Rain is an emergent type of literature. The novelty of which renders it as a wonderful experience to own, life changing at that! It departs from the usual readings currently available. It is a reflective narrative of life learnings, experiences, realizations and how one overcomes.

    The bittersweet narrations and the intertwining of the poems are so intense, such that the reader will not be able to stop the tears from falling, thus, will be moved to ponder upon their truths’ and their application to life which are truly life changing.

    I think, I am short for words! What do I say, about a great creation, by a writer whose eloquence has been so established as evidenced by the Dragonsong and The Goblin Child, not to mention, Love, Peace and Light and more…

    Forest Rain simply touched the recesses of my soul, and I could not help but shed tears as I ponder upon each word, each line, each paragraph and the whole of the essays and so with every word, every line, every stanza of each of the poems. I could not even refrain from rereading it the nth time. And each time I do, the effect would be the same.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Nimue Brown

    As the rating system doesn’t qualify what the stars represent, I have gone for a four because I am stingy and seldom give fives but please note that I try and avoid star systems as I think they’re reductive and not so helpful!
    Michael Forester, the author of Forest Rain is a facebook friend, and offered me his book to review. It’s an unusual piece of spiritual writing, mixing poetry, short story and autobiography.

    I’ll admit that in the introduction I had a brief panic as Michael talked about life plans. I’m very much a maybeist, but I have problems with the life plan idea because it makes everything feel so predetermined. Why bother playing it out if you’ve already worked out the plot? I worry that it can be used for victim blaming and avoiding responsibility for others. But, it turns out that the book goes many places and barely touches on this again, so I was very glad that I kept reading.

    The author has evidently spent a lot of time exploring different religions, and has no qualms about using terms from many paths. I enjoyed the eclecticism, which seems to come from a place of appreciation, not simple cherry-picking. I suspect Michael of having maybeist leanings himself, happy to explore what any path has to offer, willing to learn from anything and to say maybe to any substantial idea that comes his way.

    Poetry is often the best way of getting metaphysical without getting bogged down in it, and I enjoyed the poems in the book.

    The autobiographical content is fascinating if you enjoy seeing the world through someone else’s eyes – which I do! The author is one of the wealthy, privileged few who has come to see how empty that kind of materialism is, and has largely turned his back on it. Fascinating to see that process from the other side, having always been a pauper myself. Much of the writing explores the kind of life experience many of us will encounter from middle age onwards – the death of parents, the loss of physical capabilities, the changing nature of relationships. The author simply presents his experiences and reflections much of the time. Some sections are written to someone – and as the reader it’s interesting to see how you position yourself in response to this.

    I enjoyed the book. I think the intended reader is someone in the second half of their life who may be questioning the choices they made in the first half of their life and looking for something with more depth and substance. It’s the ideal gift for someone showing signs of spiritual crisis, especially people with no strong religious affiliations. Being a broadly spiritual book, it is pretty accessible regardless of what the reader may believe.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah Soon

    Reading “Forest Rain” allowed myself to re-evaluate my current position in life and to seek peace with the flaws that I have yet to forgive myself for. The book is beautifully written with many insights and valuable lessons that readers can carry with them in their everyday life. For someone who seeks to find clarity, peace and understanding I would highly recommend “Forest Rain”, for your heart will be touched and you will learn to flourish in the journey that awaits you. The books serves as a brilliant inspiration for those who seek to mend their souls and find peace with oneself.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hilarynil D. Evardoni

    “Forest Rain” by Michael Forester is an inspirational kind of book that will boost your spirituality, values and morality. It is not just a book for money either a book for profit. It serves as an eye opener of the things and events in life. The book tackles about the real story of the experiences of Mr. Forester in his life especially the darkest days of his life.
    Forest Rain is all about the journey of the author in his life where he found his purpose and he met people who opened and deepened the meaning of life and soul for him. In the book, there are 7 chapters that touch my heart and my soul. The first one is Chapter One entitled “ Am I a writer ” He discussed the definition of him being a writer which state that him being a writer has a purpose of touching other people’s soul and not to explain things or gives information by the use of a pen and a paper. I chose this because nowadays most of the writer wrote a book or a poem for fame and money but Mr. Forester’s purpose of writing is to inspire people. The second one is Chapter Three entitled “The Biker” because it talks about the real us, the real character of a person that we humans are very protective of ourselves, self-centered and very impatient. The third one is Chapter 5 entitled “Declaration of Self Worth” A phrase caught my attention in this chapter, it is “Weep and Heal my friend” it tells me that we should let our tears and fears out and then after that we can be healed, we must make our self-worthy for who we are and what we are not for who they want us to be. The fourth one is Chapter 9 entitled “Reflections” It touched my heart because of some experiences in my life that is the same as what the chapter is telling. Our character and personality is reflected by our experiences in life. The next chapter that touches my heart and my soul is Chapter 11 entitled “The Weaver” because it talks about the journey of a weaver in finding his lost soul where he met different kinds of people who made his journey. It includes the Mason, the blind beggar, the elders and the warrior whom he touches their soul and a philosopher whom he not. But at the end of the story he found his soul because he touches other people’s soul. The next chapter that becomes an eye opener for me is Chapter 19 entitled “Do not go gentle” because it tells me the importance of parents in a child’s life. Most of us especially the teenagers have a narrow mind of understanding on what our Parents are talking about, we think that we are matured enough to understand what our parents are talking but in some instances we are not. We translate their lessons into scolds that makes us angry. And some of us can’t say’ I love you’ to our parents. And the last chapter that touches my spirituality is Chapter 22 entitled “ Oh my God” It is a poem that talks about who is our God, we humans have different perceptions, beliefs, faiths and name of gods and religions have a name of their gods like Allah, Yaweh, Jesus Christ etc. but in this poem Mr. Forester didn’t name his God instead he enumerated the things and sacrifices that his god made and I agree to what he said because even though our God has different names we only have one God and he is the one who sacrifice his life for the salvation of our humanity. And there are 4 phrases that stick in to my mind and my heart such as “The only possession we can carry into our grave is learnings and the only substance we cannot replicate is spirit”, “Hearts don’t grow if you freeze them” and “The pen is mightier and sharper than the sword “

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janel Rañola

    The book titled “Forest Rain”, by Michael Forester, is a compilation of twenty-eight short stories that tackles all the spiritual learnings that the author himself had in the form of poetries and prose. The book started by asking if the one who wrote this book is a writer or not. If he is a writer, it only means that he touches the soul of his readers, but if he cannot touch the soul of his readers, then he is not a writer. Thus, the author of this book only intends nothing but to touch his readers’ soul by enlightening them with spiritual learnings as they make a long journey in life through this book.
    The author introduces first the biker whom he had met in the outside lane while he was waiting for the traffic light to change. That biker was impatiently growling his engine to him for stopping his motor bike’s progress unintentionally in front of the traffic queue. And without the biker’s knowledge, he was already edifying the author by giving him the realization of having self-manipulation. An act of making one’s self isolated by anyone because of the emotional fear of being harmed, centralizing one’s self among others as if the earth was only rotating on one’s self, and by building one’s self up in the eyes of others who might seem different to what one truly is. The second one that the author introduces is the Weaver. The Weaver’s story is about finding his own soul for him to know his purpose upon the earth, and by finding it, he needs first to find the shards of the mirror that his God had given to him. So in his six days’ journey of finding the shards of his mirror, he met six people who were surprisingly became his instrument in finding his soul — his real purpose rather.
    In Forest Rain, Michael Forester tells about his life as a writer who can only express himself through words; a management consultant who later on became deaf; a husband who was left behind by his children and wife; a son who later on found himself showing what he truly is to his father; and a father who wants nothing but the best for his children. Every chapters in Forest Rain shows the realizations, the experiences, the learnings, and the changes that author made not only for himself but also for the greater good of others.
    After I finished this book for one day, I can say that I enjoyed reading this book a lot. At first, I’ll admit that I did not feel excited to read this book for I am not fond of reading books with this kind of theme. “I’m telling you, it will just bore you to death,” my mind said, trying so hard to convince me. But because this is one of our school’s requirements, I don’t have a choice but to read this book and remain as deaf as I can to what my mind was trying to imply on me. And the next thing I knew, I was falling at the deepest pit of this book that made it so hard for me to put it down. As I was reading this book, I’m not that aware on how the author himself touches my soul, like what he had mentioned in the first part of this book. I just realized it the moment I felt my own tears drenching my cheeks. I didn’t know that the impact that Forest Rain had given to me is too strong to make me sway in my sit or to make my heart move in a beat. I can say that it is very difficult not to be able to relate with this book as if I have a little connection with it and it is only “I” who can see it visibly.
    Michael Forester had obviously spent a lot of time reminiscing his past just to scribble the words that he wanted to articulate in this book, and I do commend him for having such mouthful words to express and for the effectiveness of touching someone’s soul like what he had done to my soul. I also filled with awe the moment I read his prose about “Keeping my sword hand free” which then, I realized so many things in so many ways about securing myself to keep safe. I also learned about the difference between vision and dreams. His story about him and his father made my heart truly cry out, and so were my eyes. Its impact left a big mark to my soul, feeling so much guilt for not saying those three big words to my father even though he is still alive, and just like what he had felt towards his father, I, too, feel uneasy to say how much I love my father. I don’t have a fig idea on how to articulate it, though. But one thing is for sure, I’m also proud to be his daughter. Those realizations really caught me big time and I thanked this book for playing that part.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Andrade

    The Forest Rain is a collection of spiritual learnings in prose and poetry, form a unique and inspirational poems which bring an overwhelming feelings to the reader. The contents of this book is very fascinating, if you enjoy seeing the world through someone’s eyes like me. It’s a wonderful learning to own, and could be a life changing experience. Some contents are written for someone like myself as one of the readers. It is interesting to see how I position myself in response to this. Forest Rain simply touches my soul, the intensity of the written word that I could not help but analyze carefully as I ponder upon every word, paragraph, chapter and the whole of the book. I could not even refrain from thinking hard everytime I stumble on a figurative word and it always fascinate me. Michael Forester wrote this book for us who question the choices we made in our life. This book is an ideal gift for us who love spiritual messages and for the people who show signs of spiritual crisis, especially the person with no strong religious connection. Through this spiritual book you can discover the astounding, deep and profound messages that signify you alone. That our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion and dedication regardless of what we believe.

    Forest Rain by Michael Forester and its Implication to Education:

    Forest Rain is an emerging type of literature. The novelty reflect the reality of life, learnings and realizations. We learn more of our own purpose and meaning from the challenges and events on our road.

    Forest Rain provides education that can not be attained simply by studying but through experiences of life as we travel forward in our journey. I have learned so much in life that I am grateful, for I have not noticed that this book intitled Forest Rain become my teacher. As a student who read Forest Rain, there’s a lot of life lessons to be learned from the different stories in this inspirational book. And I would like to suggest this to all of you who are on a journey of finding their heart and soul to read this astonishing book intitled Forest Rain. I am sure the author is happy to share his spiritual journey and is willing to impart the ideas or knowledge that comes on his path.

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