A collection of spiritual poetry for awakened souls.

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These poems, drawn from the poet’s own spiritual connection and experience, are offered to you to use as you choose, when you need them, for meditation, for edification, for contemplation. May they guide you when you feel lost, connect you when you feel abandoned, and bring you back to your centre when you need to be reminded of the eternal you.


There will be a reason stated,
it will be known clearly why.
There will be a new unveiling,
demonstrations from on high,
There will be a revelation
of all truths yet by and by.
Jars of honey turned, upended,
in the brightest, clearest sky
will make a new anointing
of the hearts that never die.
There will come renewal visions
in the moistening of the eye,
a reinvigorated joining,
as the freed ones rise and fly,
When we recognise each other,
yes, my soul mate,
You and I.

We will stand with one another,
look each other in the eye,
and remark upon the wisdom learned
in lifetimes now fled by.
You’ll be clothed in waves of resonance.
With heartstrings you will tie
cloths of heaven that I weave you,
hemmed with joy that cannot die,
when below the Tor at Solstice we by Chalice fountains lie.
We will hold each other dearly
and in joy we’ll cry and cry,
for we recognise each other,
oh, my soul mate,
You and I.

We will walk together slowly,
as the drums and timbrels cry
and oblivious to others
as the dancers pass us by.
We’ll vibrate for seven lifetimes
as we touch the crystal eye,
As the music makers celebrate
the passing of the lie.
For we need no other presence
in the lightening of the sky
And we need no other joining
than our own love,
you and I.

As we walk, the henge will open,
our awareness magnify,
And the standing stones will resonate,
the goddess glorify.
We will sit on thrones of dignity,
and darkness pacify
as we marvel at enlightenment
that ends the question ‘why?’
For we join as one eternally,
my soul mate,
You and I.

I have touched your soul’s vibrations,
you have always been close by.
I have felt your constant presence,
and on this I most rely:
I will see you, standing in the light,
when next I choose to die
In this life time or the next one,
I will meet you in the sky.

Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Pegasus House Publishing
Language: English

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