Peace (pdf)


A collection of poetry concerning war, peace and social justice, for all who hate war and injustice.

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These poems will stir you to tears, to anger, to rage. But most of all they will stir you to think. And in thinking they will make you ask the question ‘why?’ As you answer that question, in the way that only you can, may the poems bring you light as to what you, what we, can do to change a world that is so in need of changing.

The times should be a-changing

Come Christians and Muslims wherever you are
And gather together, connect from afar
Abandon your weapons and follow your Star
If Humanity yet is worth saving
Then lay down your arms in the graves you have dug
For the times, they should be a-changing.

Come presidents, ministers, take some advice
Acknowledge you’re sailing straight into the ice
And the world you leave freezing is paying the price
While the deckchairs you’re just rearranging
So turn the ship round or you’ll run it aground
For the times, they should be a-changing.

Come crystal ball gazers who forecast ahead
That bright rosy future you’ve surely misread
For the hands of your leaders are dripping with red
With the fingers on triggers unchanging
You draw lines in the sand cos you don’t understand
that the times they should be a-changing.

Come bold aviators who never leave home
Who live by the sword and who kill by the drone
You’ll never forget napalm burns to the bone
For the screams of the children you’re causing
Could be your babes in arms in your own towns and farms
And the times, they should be a-changing.

The Syrian children are dropping down dead
Somalian children are begging for bread
While the war you should win is the one in your head
Your insanity surely is raging
When the screams that you hear come from those you hold dear
And the times they should be a-changing

Americans, Russians and British and French
How long can you choose to remain on the fence?
The children are burning – you must smell the stench –
And they drown in the cash you’re exchanging
You can’t buy back your soul with a bigger bankroll
While the times, they should be a-changing.

So mount your parades and take your salutes
From the turning of heads and the stamping of boots
While you sit on thrones like so many Canutes
As the waves that engulf you are raging
See that victory roll? It’s infected your soul
For the times they are a-changing.

We’re tired of your killing for profit and gain
We’re so sick and so weary we’re starting again
For Your merciless killing has rotted your brains
And we’ve no place for madmen’s flag waving
So get down and repent for the word heaven sent
Is your heart it should be a-changing.

With profound gratitude to Bob Dylan

Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Pegasus House Publishing
Language: English


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